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Audible Productions

The Haunted Collection Series by Ron Ripley 
1) Collecting Death
2) Walter's Rifle 
3) Blood In The Mirror
4) Hank's Radio
The Burning Girl 
6) Knife In The Dark

Nightmare Abbey by David Longhorn 
Hungry Ghosts by Ron Ripley 

Carlson's Cavaliers by Mike Keegan

Jamison, Banori, Diablo, Oh My! by Mike Keegan 
The Berkley Street Series by Ron Ripley 
1) Berkley Street 
2) The Lighthouse 
3) The Town Of Griswold 
4) Sanford Hospital 
5) Kurkow Prison
6) Lake Nutaq 
7) Slater Mill 
8) Borgin Keep 
9) Amherst Burial Ground 

The Sin Series by A. I. Nasser 
1) The Kurtain Motel 
2) Refuge
3) Purgatory 
Edwin's Reflection by Ray Deeg 

This Is Gonna Hurt by A.I. Nasser 

The Boylan House by Ron Ripley 

The Brotherhood by Mike Keegan 

Born Of Water by Autumn M Birt  

The Abyss by James Beyor 

The Cooper Saga vol 8 by Bill Bernico 


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